Show and Tell #76: Surprise Trade With Reader Kevin

Reader Kevin sent me some cards out of the clear blue sky a while ago and I sent him some Wes Welker cards in return. Here are a few of the stand-outs:

Gorman Thomas is one of my favorites and I love the propoganda poster feel of this poster. Gorman want YOU to watch him hit some dingers.

1986 Fleer All-Star Team #11 Gorman Thomas

Here's an early Raul Ibanez card from his days as a Mariner. You might be surprised to know that Raul received the 2nd most votes for outfielders in the 2009 All-Star game behind Ryan Braun.

1997 Upper Deck Pepsi Insert #M19 Raul Ibanez

Next up we have a Brad Radke Top Prospect card. Both Brad and I are from Eau Claire, WI and so we both know the cool places to hang out on Water St. and we know that Memorial High sucks!

1995 Upper Deck #257 Brad Radke Top Prospects

Don's major league debut was on April 14, 1966 for the Dodgers. On that exact date in Texas, Greg Maddux was born.

1983 Fleer #47 Don Sutton

In a case of "what could have been," Ortiz [then known as David Arias] was a member of the Twins and Mariners before becoming member of the Red Sox and becoming the best designated hitter of the 00's. Here are some Ortiz as a Twin cards that I didn't have yet:

1998 Upper Deck #696 David Ortiz

1999 Topps #291 David Ortiz

2003 Topps #26 David Ortiz

Next up we have a few political cards...First up is a red bordered Ronnie, a Jessie Ventura that doesn't have time to bleed, and a cool black and white photo of Ike. I wasn't aware of the Wingfield Collection insert set until this trade and I'm going to try to get the whole set. Here is my needs list so far.

2006 Topps Turkey Red #287 Ronald Reagan Red Border

2004 Donruss Fans of the Game #FG-1 Jesse Ventura

2005 Topps #DI-16 Dwight Eisenhower Diamond Images

Thanks again Kevin!