Reduced Ticket To Stardom

Target recently had a few packs of Topps' regrettable Ticket To Stardom set in their clearance area...I say "regrettable" but I don't really mean it. I'm so hungry for new cards I've got a countdown clock until 2011 Topps on the side of my blog [two weeks and counting] and I'm reconsidering all my opinions on previous sets. The baseball card landscape is so empty right now I'm reduced to frantically searching the discount bins for any old baseball product marked Upper Deck [or Fleer]. So I nearly leaped for joy seeing those TTS packs for $1.59 each.

I don't have a lot of time to post today so I'll just highlight my favorite card of the packs:

#189 Jim Thome [Deckle Edge]

I wish that these deckle edge cards had a larger deckle?...if that is the right way to say that? Are you with me? I want the half circles on the edge larger.


cynicalbuddha said…
Matt didn't you hear??? Topps pushed the Series 1 release date up by 2 weeks it's coming out Wednesday!! I kid you not. And I actually kinda liked Ticket to Stardom but it was priced way too high.
Matt Flaten said…
I did see that but I don't really believe it...I hope it's true but we shall see.
flywheels said…
My local Target finally exhausted their supply of $1.59 Ticket to Stardom! I like the stuff and actually pulled some decent cards out of those packs. I believe Blowout has hobby boxes for 60 bucks now.