Packers/Falcons LIVE Blog -- 2nd Half

10:17 PM CT

Final score 48-21. The Packers never punted in the game believe it or not. The game wasn't as dramatic as last week's but thanks for sticking around with me. I'll do this each week until we win the Super Bowl!

I'll take a look at the contest entries shortly and announce the winners. Thanks again!

10:16 PM CT

I'd post some C.J. Wilson cards I they made any...we definitely need a Topps Total for football players.

10:14 PM CT

Another field goal puts the Packers up 48-21.

10:09 PM CT

It's nice to see the Falcons not using their timeouts here...2 minutes left.

10:07 PM CT

And Matt Flynn gets some chances to practice handing off to Starks.

10:06 PM CT

Okay, we'll take the fumble instead!10:04 PM CT

Falcons with a 4th's Matthews time!

10:02 PM CT

So do can we turn out the light on Rodger's tonight as Flynn looks to be warming up?

9:59 PM CT

Mason Crosby gets a chance at redemption...and it's good! Packers 45, Falcons 21

9:57 PM CT

Where are the Falcons fans? I would never leave a playoff game early...

9:56 PM CT

I like this Jordy Nelson coming out party!

9:55 PM CT

When Troy was naming all the hurt Packer linebackers it sounded like he was just saying random sounds.

9:53 PM CT

Raji looks to be okay...sometimes you just need a little help to get off the field.

9:52 PM CT

B.J. with the I hope he is okay...

2009 Topps Chrome #TC112 B. J. Raji

9:47 PM CT the up right...

9:45 PM CT

I'm getting a little concerned here...come on Mason let's get one here...

9:40 PM CT

Falcons get a score...Packers 42, Falcons 21

9:35 PM CT

Here's a random Packers card from my collection...

1977 Topps #78 Dave Beverly

Dave was the punter for the Packers in the second half of the 70's...but more interestingly, this card reminds me that the Packers helmet didn't have the "G" on both side of their helmet until 1984.

9:28 PM CT

I think it might be okay to say that I don't really care who we get next week, Bears or Seahawks. But let me say that if the Seahawks can beat the Saints they can totally beat the Bears.

9:25 PM CT


Packers 42, Falcons 14

9:22 PM CT

As we march down the field, here's my chance to highlight in cardboard the great job Scott Wells does at center.

9:20 PM CT

The Falcons' chances of winning maybe slipping away but they aren't for you. You still have about a quarter and a half to enter my Quickie Contests:

You can find Contest #1 HERE.

Contest #2 is now up HERE.

The contests will be open until the end of the game.

9:19 PM CT

I'd forgotten that these teams have punters...the Falcons might want to forget too. That was a 21 yard punt.

9:13 PM CT

It's nice to see the entire Packer team letting the refs know they messed up that last play. Who needs instant replay?

9:11 PM CT

Fox had better start dusting off those 21 point comeback stats pretty quickly...

9:07 PM CT

Rodgers skips sliding for a play and thank goodness he does. Packers 35, Falcons 14

9:05 PM CT

You can ignore that last sounded like a good anecdote when I started typing it but some was lost in translation.

9:04 PM CT

I was watching Lethal Weapon 3 this weekend and I was thinking about how the Lethal Weapon series must have been done by people who had never been to America but thought that is what America was like. Babes, guns, drugs, car chases, etc... There's no other explanation on how unrealistic they are. I'm reminded of that when I see a commercial with George Washington driving a car against the British.

9:02 PM CT

Starks, Starks, and Starks again to run the clock.

9:00 PM CT

Man, I should have picked up my Starks cards last week I guess.

8:58 PM CT

That 1st down has to be brutal dayf.

8:56 PM CT

Chad Clifton can't be perfect...Rodgers first sack of the game.

8:55 PM CT

PUMP IT UP! Who would have guessed Joe Buck was an Elvis Costello fan?

8:51 PM CT

If you are not in the Kansas City area you're missing out on some great monster truck ads...

8:48 PM CT

I think an Obama/Bill O'Reilly interview would be interesting but it does not need to interfere with the Super Bowl.

8:46 PM CT

Jimmy Johnson just told be that we'll be seeing a lot of James Starks in the 2nd half. I don't doubt that he is right but how about we just stick with what gave us 28 points in the first half. McCarthy, I'm looking at you.


Anonymous said…
All smiles here in Milwaukee.

Speaking of monster truck ads, there's a monster truck event at the Bradley Center tonight. I wonder how sparse attendance is.
Matt Flaten said…
That's some brutal scheduling...not quite Mariah Carey's Glitter movie opening on 9/11/01 but pretty bad.
Dennis said…
Allow me to play the part of John Madden for a moment: the Atlanta Falcons are not a good football team today. They really need to move the ball down the field and score points, because points are what win you games and wins are what give you championships. The Packers are doing an excellent job of executing their strategy of scoring more points than the other team despite the absence of BRETT FAVRE!