Packers/Falcons LIVE Blog -- 1st Half

8:40 PM ET

I'm frickin' speechless...Williams Pick6-...Packers 28, Falcons 14...and we get the ball after Halftime. I'll be taking halftime off to catch my breath. Be sure to enter the two contests that are currently going on:

You can find Contest #1 HERE.

Contest #2 is now up HERE.

The contests will be open until the end of the game.

8:34 PM ET

Let's try to not allow the kick return TD here please.

8:33 PM ET

James Jones TD!!! Packers 21, Falcons 14

8:32 PM ET

So let's get this TD and then we get the ball after halftime....I'm seeing a 14 point lead coming soon.

8:30 PM ET

It sure looks like we won't go into halftime tied!

8:25 PM CT

I enjoy it when Joe and Troy talk about running away with Aaron Rodgers.

8:22 PM CT
And now we get to see a 2:00 minute drill...

8:19 PM CT

Tramon Williams with another end zone interception!!!! Oh my!!!!

8:18 PM CT

Woodson for the sack!

8:14 PM CT

And so here is the link for the 2nd Quickie Contest. This one is for a Falcons Sweet Spot Auto. Again, get your entries in before the end of the game.

8:11 PM CT

That Clay Matthews commercial for duchenne research is great but when I first heard it say "it's a devastating illness that has no cure" I thought he was talking about being a Vikings fan...I'm sorry, it was too easy.

8:10 PM CT

That's the last time I want to hear Troy Aikman say "big bone."

8:09 PM CT


Damn I wish I had some Kuhn cards!!!! Instead I'll give you a Raji!

8:08 PM CT

Damn that close call on that Starks jump for the touchdown!

8:07 PM CT

Are the Falcons going to release #21 during halftime?

8:04 PM CT

Troy Aikman seems to see everything...they call him Eagle Eyes around the FOX Sports offices.

8:01 PM CT

Now we're matriculating the ball!

7:59 PM CT

That's the last time I want to hear Troy Aikman say "someone had better go out there and pick up Mason Crosby's athletic supporter" in my life.

7:56 PM CT

WTF?!?!? Falcons return the kick off for a TD. Packers 7, Falcons 14

7:53 PM CT

First a nice first down for Jordy Nelson and then a TOUCHDOWN! Packers 7, Falcons 7

Nelson is a Kansas State grad and so I see his cards all the time...they are mostly overpriced but I've picked up a few over the years.

7:46 PM CT

End of the 1st Quarter...Packers on the move but still down a touchdown. Packers 0, Falcons 7.
You can find the 1st Quickie Contest HERE.

7:44 PM CT

KKKKKUUUUUUHHHHHHHNNNNNNNN! How great it is to hear that on Atlanta's home turf!

7:43 PM CT


7:42 PM CT

10 minutes in we get a 1st down! It's the little victories!

7:37 PM CT

So we'll give start the 1st contest while we give the Packers a chance to re-group. You can enter the contest HERE.

7:35 PM CT

Turner gives the Packers a lesson in tackling...Packers 0, Falcons 7

7:33 PM CT

So assuming Clay doesn't cut his hair for another year we maybe getting dangerously close to Cousin Itt territory:

7:32 PM CT

Matthews should have pushed Ryan back another 30 yards.

7:28 PM CT

That Jennings fumble might actually make him have a better game now that he is angry...I hope.

7:25 PM CT

When I was watching the CBS pre-game before Ravens/Steelers, they kept talking about "now that the Packers have a running game" and it really scared that I saw that Starks run I'm a little more scared.

7:24 PM CT

"You invited Eric? I thought you said Eric gave you the creeps?" Man, I hate that commercial.

7:22 PM CT

I would say this is a big 3rd down but aren't they all at this point?

7:20 PM CT

Here's another random Packer card from the Police set:

7:16 PM CT

Michael Turner supposedly weighs 244 a person who usually doesn't see more than one odd Falcon's game a year, I can't help but stare at that junk in the trunk.

7:15 PM CT

Shall we try an on-side kick here???

7:10 PM CT

Red, white, and blue hair is a nice look...

7:05 PM CT

Since my LIVE blog last week, I picked up a pretty cool set of Packers cards that are put out by the police departments through out Wisconsin. The great part is that in the 20-card set they have cards of players you'll never see in the regular football sets. For example, here's a card for Packers General Manager Ted Thompson.

Here's the back:

I'll be posting more throughout the game.

7:02 PM CT

I feel bad that I missed the meatheads on the FOX pre-game's like I'm missing a part of my ritual.

6:58 PM CT

We'll be doing two contests during the game for a complete set of baseball cards and one for a Sweet Spot football keep your eyes out for those...

6:53 PM CT

Thanks for stopping by, that was a good Ravens/Steelers game...I'm hoping for a Packers blowout for the sake of my blood pressure tonight...


flywheels said…
I'm pulling for the Packers too. All of the playoff games thus far have been really great.
Dennis said…
Here's hoping Charles Woodson and company make Mr. Ryan look like Matty Ice cold. Go Packers!
dayf said…
Are mortal enemies welcome?

(Packers are gonna win anyway - all the "experts" are picking 'em)
Matt Flaten said…
Of course dayf! And as a Falcons fan you'll definitely want to check out one of the contests coming up.
dayf said…
Dammit Smith! You have to take the points on fourth and short! This is a playoff game! What are you do-


Never mind. Good call, coach.
dayf said…
dayf said…
ugggg Jenkins slipped on the NFL logo!
dayf said…
Falcons D is awful today. I'm getting 80's flashbacks.
Dennis said…
Matty looked positively icy on that pick-6