Packers/Eagles Live Blog Starts At About 3pm

#378 Packers Leaders

The live blog will start about 3pm and so to get things started we'll take a look at the Packer team seat from 2010 Topps.


#150 Aaron Rodgers

Aaron had another outstanding season by having his highest pass completion percentage ever [65.7%] and running for over 350 yards and being the Packs 2nd leading rusher. I think he also finally learned how to slide at the end of his runs after missing a game to a concussion after being tackled.

#240 Ryan Grant

Ryan ran the ball only eight times against the Eagles in Week 1 before getting injured. The question haunting any Packer fan this season is where the Pack would be in the playoffs if Ryan had been healthy. I have a feeling they would be on a bye tomorrow instead of playing.

#348 James Starks

James has had quite a few opportunities this season with Grant being out and I think he will give Brandon Jackson a run for his money as Grant's backup next year.

#21 Jermichael Finley

Jermichael got hurt in Week 5 and missed the rest of the season. According to his tweets he will be watching the game on Sunday at a bar in Phoenix.

#421 James Jones

I think James would clearly be a #2 receiver on any other team but he was only able to start three games for Green Bay. Even so, he was able to record nearly 700 yards and five touchdowns.

#141 Greg Jennings

Greg has had arguably his best season statistically and if I could post one NFL clip that would sum up his season it would be during Week 13 against the 49ers when Jennings had a 57-yard catch and in the process threw about four 49ers to the ground on the way to the touchdown.

#76 Donald Driver

Donald had a very down year getting about half as many yards as a typical season. Donald is still 41 yards short of breaking James Lofton's record for most receiving yards.

#27 Bryan Bulaga

Bryan played in all 16 games this season and started 12 which is exactly what they hoped for when they drafted him in the 1st round.


#65 Nick Barnett

Nick was injured in Week 4 and was the key defensive injury that hurt the Packers this year.

#48 Nick Collins

Nick had four interceptions this season which was 2nd on the team behind Tramon Williams six interceptions.

#367 Morgan Burnett

Like Nick Barnett, Morgan was injured in Week 4 and was out the rest of the year.

#113 Clay Matthews

Clay's 13.5 sacks are impressive but they are a long way from setting the Packers team record which was set at 19.0 sacks back in 1989 by Tim Harris.

#41 Charles Woodson

Woodson had a solid year but probably won't be Defensive Player of the Year again. He forced five fumbles and stole two interceptions.