Packers/Eagles LIVE Blog -- Quarter 4: The Shocking Conclusion

6:51 PM CT

One last thought...that Bears/Seahawks game is totally winnable for the Seahawks! How great would a Packers/Seahawks NFC Championship game be?!?

6:47 PM ET

So the Packers will be playing the Falcons next week on Saturday at 6:30pm Central so I will be doing another LIVE blog then. We'll have another contest then as well. Thanks for playing along today and I'll be announcing the winner of the today's Quickie Contest shortly.

6:43 PM CT

It's final! Packers 21, Eagles 16
6:41 PM CT

YES! YES! YES! Tramon Williams with his 7th pick of the year!

6:39 PM CT

While we are on a commercial break, for those of you curious, the Jayhawks beat Michigan 67-60 in overtime.

6:36 PM ET

Thankfully a field goal won't do it for the Eagles...

6:33 PM ET

2 minutes left in the you've got about 5-10 minutes left to enter my Live Blog Quickie Contest.

6:30 PM ET

Oh shit. 4th down. Can we PLEASE punt it out of bounds!

6:28 PM ET

STARKS FOR THE 1ST DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6:25 PM CT

Eagles miss and Vick is limping? Do we get Kolb if the Eagles get the ball again? All we need is a 4:00 minute drive folks. I never thought I would say this, give the ball to Starks!

6:23 PM CT

I have no idea WTF just happened but the Eagles get another try at this.

6:21 PM CT

Eagles score making it Packers 21, Eagles 16 but they miss on the 2-point conversion!

6:15 PM CT

How about a Woodson Pick-6 here?

6:12 PM CT

The Packer's defense is going to be worn out by getting past their defenders and then chasing Vick around the field. It might be better if they just stuck with their defenders.

6:05 PM ET

John Kuhn proves that he is a human and not Jesus incarnate.

6:01 PM CT

That "Mr. Excitement" commercial for the Super Bowl doesn't really work for me. If that is the kind of person you become when you go to to all those games, I think I'll pass.

5:59 PM CT

Wide right, Part 2! The Eagles are going to trade Akers to the Redskins over the off season for sure!

5:55 PM CT

There is just too much to say about Michael Vick and Kobe Bryant being BFFs.


Anonymous said…
Celek may go down in history as our next Yancey Thigpen. God, that was a nice break!
RoofGod said…
Couple of first downs and this one is over.