Packers/Eagles LIVE Blog -- Quarter 3

5:51 PM ET

End of the 3rd Quarter. Come on Packers, don't make this baby cry! Packers 21, Eagles 10.

5:44 PM ET

Just to put things into perspective, while I am sure that nearly 100% of people are watching this game in Green Bay, here in Lawrence I bet at least half of people are watching the unbeaten Jayhawks play Tim Hardaway Jr. and Michigan on CBS right now. They are in overtime currently with Kansas up by 3.

5:40 PM ET

Here's another Random Packer card...this time of the Packer's 3rd leading scorer of all-time, Chris Jacke:

1991 Topps #447 Chris Jacke

5:38 PM ET

If I was a bachelor this is what my living room would look like:

5:33 PM ET

Go ahead Eagles fans, chant DEFENSE! You are nothing against Brandon Jackson's run after catch. A man I just buried a few posts ago now puts the Packers up 21-10.

5:32 PM CT


5:31 PM CT

Starks has 88 yards so far in this game...all season he has had 101 yards total.

5:28 PM CT


5:25 PM CT

I think if we've learned anything about next season from today's game it's that Starks is going to be Grant's back up...I wonder what's going to happen to Brandon Jackson?

5:22 PM CT

Well let me eat my hat after my last comment...Packers 14, Eagles 10
5:20 PM ET

Packers fumble...not good. But thankfully the Eagles haven't been really able to do anything so far.

5:15 PM CT

May I suggest an 80-yard bomb to Jennings to start the 3rd?


RoofGod said…
OK, so maybe BRandon Jackson wants the backup job next year.
Anonymous said…
Keep up the great work, Matt!

I'm watching this game while monitoring the JSOnline live blog as well. Tom Silverstein is like 10 seconds ahead of the actual play here.