Packers/Eagles LIVE Blog -- Quarter 2

5:02 PM CT

Be sure to enter the Live Blog Contest HERE...I'll be taking the half off and will return for the 3rd quarter.

4:59 PM CT

Well, that drive sort of just fizzled to nothing...AT THE HALF, PACKERS 14, EAGLES 3

4:57 PM CT

James Jones could have been the hero...

4:54 PM CT

Now we get to see the 2-minute drill with Matt Flynn safely on the sidelines.

4:53 PM CT

Field goal is good...Packers 14, Eagles 3

4:52 PM CT


4:42 PM CT

If the Packers win today they will be going to Atlanta to play the Falcons next week...I so wish we could get the Bears instead. The Pack lost to the Falcons 20-17 in Week 12.

4:39 PM CT

Was I right or what about my James Jones prediction about getting a touchdown today!!!!!!!!!! Packers 14, Eagles 0

4:30 PM CT

Quinn Johnson for a tough 1st down! Didn't really expect that I needed to dig out my Quinn Johnson cards.

2009 Donruss Classics #236 Quinn Johnson Autograph 082/699

4:26 PM CT

I've got to say, this game is about the exact opposite as last years Packers/Cardinals game. Packers were down 0-17 last year after the 1st quarter.

4:20 PM CT

Quick Contest is up HERE. Tell me who the greatest Packer ever was/is and win some 2010 Topps Update cards and a jersey card.


madding said…
This game is over. Ugh.
Great games yesterday, boring today.
RoofGod said…
Unfortunately for Jones, Rogers put that ball right in his hands, made it too easy to catch.