Packers/Eagles LIVE Blog -- Pre-Game & Quarter 1

4:18 PM CT


4:14 PM CT

Tom Crabtree, the best Crabtree in the NFL by the way, for the TD!!!!

4:12 PM CT

We've had our first "KKKKKUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" of the game! And yes, that is the correct spelling!

4:08 PM CT

Working on first quickie will be up soon.

4:06 PM CT

James Starks breaks loose!

3:56 PM CT

I can't help but do this in a game with Michael Vick in it:

3:52 PM CT

Troy Aikman gives us our first sexual innuendo of the game...talking about the Packers having trouble "dropping balls."

3:52 PM CT

Two plays, two first downs...nice start.

3:47 PM CT

Wide Right! Packers take over!

3:46 PM CT

We need a big Clay Matthews sack here!

2009 Score #324 Clay Matthews Rookie

3:43PM CT

3 and out for the Eagles...but then we blow the punt return...yikes.

3:42 PM CT

Desmond Bishop for the sack on the 1st play!!!!! And then we lose it all on the next play.

3:35 PM CT

For a second there I thought I'd missed that Mike McCarthy played football in Canada.

3:30 PM CT

What the hell is Terry Bradshaw on today?

3:29 PM CT

For our first Random Packers Card we have a James Jones autograph...I'm predicting at least one TD for James today! And what's with that signature?

2007 Topps Performance #BA-JJO James Jones Autograph

3:22 PM CT

I was going to scan in some Mike McCarthy cards but realized that I had a total of zero! How can this be! Do they even make coaches cards anymore?

3:18 PM CT

I wish I had the ability to talk about the 4th and 26 play from the 2004 Packers/Eagles playoff game but words fail...

3:16 PM CT

Terry Bradshaw screaming "Solid, Solid" in the this FOX pre-game is more amateur hour than usual.

3:15 PM CT

I've been doing pretty good this season as the three teams that I follow, the Packers, Seahawks, and Chiefs all made the playoffs [barely]...

3:10 PM CT

Just as a refresher the Packers beat the Eagles in Week 1 27-20. But that was mainly against Kevin Kolb and thanks to the Packers defense that knocked him out they unleashed Michael Vick onto the NFL this season.

3:08 PM CT

And here we go...the Fox pre-game is underway...


RoofGod said…
What the hell, you get thrown on top of the ball and it counts as touching it???
RoofGod said…
Wide right. Cheaters never prosper.
madding said…
Eagles have no chance now w/ an injured DeSean Jackson.