January 9, 2011

Packers/Eagles LIVE Blog -- Pre-Game & Quarter 1

4:18 PM CT


4:14 PM CT

Tom Crabtree, the best Crabtree in the NFL by the way, for the TD!!!!

4:12 PM CT

We've had our first "KKKKKUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" of the game! And yes, that is the correct spelling!

4:08 PM CT

Working on first quickie contest...post will be up soon.

4:06 PM CT

James Starks breaks loose!

3:56 PM CT

I can't help but do this in a game with Michael Vick in it:

3:52 PM CT

Troy Aikman gives us our first sexual innuendo of the game...talking about the Packers having trouble "dropping balls."

3:52 PM CT

Two plays, two first downs...nice start.

3:47 PM CT

Wide Right! Packers take over!

3:46 PM CT

We need a big Clay Matthews sack here!

2009 Score #324 Clay Matthews Rookie

3:43PM CT

3 and out for the Eagles...but then we blow the punt return...yikes.

3:42 PM CT

Desmond Bishop for the sack on the 1st play!!!!! And then we lose it all on the next play.

3:35 PM CT

For a second there I thought I'd missed that Mike McCarthy played football in Canada.

3:30 PM CT

What the hell is Terry Bradshaw on today?

3:29 PM CT

For our first Random Packers Card we have a James Jones autograph...I'm predicting at least one TD for James today! And what's with that signature?

2007 Topps Performance #BA-JJO James Jones Autograph

3:22 PM CT

I was going to scan in some Mike McCarthy cards but realized that I had a total of zero! How can this be! Do they even make coaches cards anymore?

3:18 PM CT

I wish I had the ability to talk about the 4th and 26 play from the 2004 Packers/Eagles playoff game but words fail...

3:16 PM CT

Terry Bradshaw screaming "Solid, Solid" in the background...man this FOX pre-game is more amateur hour than usual.

3:15 PM CT

I've been doing pretty good this season as the three teams that I follow, the Packers, Seahawks, and Chiefs all made the playoffs [barely]...

3:10 PM CT

Just as a refresher the Packers beat the Eagles in Week 1 27-20. But that was mainly against Kevin Kolb and thanks to the Packers defense that knocked him out they unleashed Michael Vick onto the NFL this season.

3:08 PM CT

And here we go...the Fox pre-game is underway...
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