My Best Of 2010: Favorite Re-Discovered Oldie

For this I would like to thank the genius ad execs at Microsoft for picking Donovan's "Season of the Witch" as their theme for their new series of phones.

The message being that this phone will take over your life? What it lacks in clear marketing message, it more than makes up for in 60's greatness.

Donovan had so many great songs in so many different styles. Jennifer Juniper vs. Hurdy Gurdy Man anyone? The commercial reminded me how great "Season of the Witch" and I can just picture Donovan thinking up that title and then saying to himself, well, "what rhymes with witch?"

Okay, we've got "ditch"...and how about "stitch"? Oh, yeah, and "rich." I kid Donovan but the line "beatniks out to make it rich" is pretty great. And so here is my favorite re-discovered oldie of 2010, "Season of the Witch":

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