My Best Of 2010: Best Song

Who can resist a 60's tone with swear words? And so the best song of 2010 was Cee Lo's "F**k You." And how great is it that huge stretches of the song are edited out in the live performance on Letterman:

Usually when he sings the song on TV he replaces the offending lyrics with "forget you" as in this performance on the BBC:

When Cee Lo was on the Colbert Report he performed the song replacing "F**k You" with "Fox News." I can't embed the video so go here to see that version.

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Anonymous said…
Definitely a great song. And one that I definitely can't listen to when my kids are around.
Fuji said…
The first time I heard this song... I cracked up. But now... I can't stand this song... it f'in drives me nuts. However... it's pretty funny... my favorite is the "Fox news" version.