Kansas Alumni #1: Gilbert Brown

Let's keep the Packer theme going with the first post in what I hope will be an ongoing series. The University of Kansas has had their share of great athletes come through their football and basketball programs and we'll highlight some of the cards of those players.

Gilbert Brown, a.k.a. The Gravedigger, played for Kansas from 1989-1992 before being drafted by the Packers in the 3rd round of the 1993 draft.

1997 Fleer #306 Gilbert Brown

1997 Score #27 Gilbert Brown

1999 Fleer Ultra #171 Gilbert Brown

1998 Pacific Omega #85 Gilbert Brown

Although Gilbert was a part of the Packers' Super Bowl 31 team, he is probably best remembered around Wisconsin for the Grave Digger Burger [not quite the best fast food sandwich name ever] that was in Burger Kings around the Badger State after the Super Bowl victory.


cynicalbuddha said…
Man I remember those Gravedigger burgers, one was too much for me but my brother in law loved those suckers it was like double everything. I miss all those great nicknames from the 90's too. I had to google him just to see what he's up too and I guess he's head coach of the LaCrosse Spartan's indoor football league. I'm betting he's still a big man.