Genius Covers: X-Force #1

My local comic shop here in Lawrence, Kwality Comics, has several bins of comics which are 50¢ each and I noticed recently they had several copies of the 2nd most purchased comic in history, X-Force #1 in there. [X-Men (Vol. 2) #1 sold the most copies ever].

I have owned several of these issues and I think they are still sealed up in my comic collection that's collecting dust at my parent's house. Along with this issue [for the first time ever I believe] Marvel included trading cards of the key X-Force characters one card per issue. The idea being that if you wanted to collect the 5-card set you needed to buy five issues.

Well, I've waited nearly 20 years and now all five can be mine for $2.50! Good things come to those who wait! Here's the set:

1991 Impel X-Force #1 Insert Cards #1 X-Force

1991 Impel X-Force #1 Insert Cards #2 Shatterstar

1991 Impel X-Force #1 Insert Cards #3 Deadpool

1991 Impel X-Force #1 Insert Cards #4 Cable

1991 Impel X-Force #1 Insert Cards #5 Sunspot & Gideon

Plus, don't forget the t-shirt order card for the completists out there!

1991 Impel X-Force #1 Insert Cards T-shirt Order Form

And let me add one parting question, how great were Battletoads?!?


Lebeau2501 said…
Battletoads ARE great. When I first started my road to comic artist nowhere, I "created" a character that was basically a Battletoad crossed with the Savage Dragon. I was a really original kid.