Genius Covers: Wolverine #10

Wolverine [Vol. 2] #10

Today's cover we have Wolverine #10 from August 1989. It's a rare cover to see Wolverine getting his butt kicked but that is sort of the point in this story. The comic tells the tale of the first meeting between Sabertooth and Wolverine [on this birthday, no less] and how Sabertooth killed his girlfriend, Silver Fox. Sabertooth would create a macabre tradition of tracking down Wolverine on his birthday and fight him.

This was Chris Claremont's last issue as writer of Wolverine for ten odd years and in my opinion it's one of his best stories overall.


XweAponX said…
That's one of the best... Is that a Mark Texiera cover? Guy was the greatest Wolverine Cover artist, ever, plus his art captured the grit of Wolverine.