Free The Finest and Everybody's Got A Record Super Team-up: Rick Helling Edition

Between 1995 and 1999, the cruel fiends at Topps locked each Finest card behind a stifling prison of plastic. It is my duty, along with all other sworn members of the "Free The Finest Society", to work tirelessly to rid the world of those dreaded words, "Peel and Remove Protective Coating."

Doesn't a record holder deserve their cards to be free? Even if that record is a negative one? Rich has the distinction of holding the record for the most doubles allowed in a season. He was so good at giving up doubles he even broke his own record. In 2000, he set the record with 66 doubles allowed and then broke it the next season by giving up 68 doubles.

1999 Topps Finest #23 Rick Helling

So Rich Helling, wherever you are, your Finest has been freed. Doesn't it feel good?

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