Everybody's Got A Record: Geronimo Edition

Of all my "Everybody's Got A Record" posts, I enjoy the non-traditional ones [e.g. non-baseball] the most. Today we have Geronimo's black bordered mini card from 2009's Allen and Ginter set. I include Geronimo in this series because he was the military leader of the Chiricahua Apache which was the last major Native American tribe to surrender to the United States government. Geronimo [the name "Geronimo" [a bastardization of "St. Jerome"] was given to him by the Mexican forces while his given name of "Goyahkla" means "one who yawns," believe it or not] surrendered in September 1886.

I've gotten quite a few questions about how I find a lot of the records that I've highlighted in the set. Wikipedia and baseball-reference.com play a huge part of it but I typically start with a card I want to highlight and work back words. In this case, there's a great episode of Criminal Minds from Season 1 that is focused on the history of the Apache tribe and this record stems from that...and recently pulling the black-bordered Geronimo from a clearance pack of Allen & Ginter.

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter #96 Geronimo Black Bordered Mini