Everybody's Got A Record: Aroldis Chapman Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.*

It's the rare player that sets a record in the majors after only 15 games but The Cuban Missile is one of those rare players. He holds the record for fastest recorded pitch [105.1 mph] against the Padres this past September.

This record should maybe have a * on it as it's a record of technology. How fast did Christy Mathewson pitch? Or how about Smokey Joe Wood or Walter Johnson? We'll never really know.

If I was a prospecting collector I would be all in on Aroldis over any other prospect. I might just be a sucker for his story of defecting from Cuba but Aroldis is my man.

2010 Bowman #BP10 Aroldis Chapman

2009 Bowman Draft Picks #BCW24 Aroldis Chapman Gold Version

2009 Bowman Draft Picks #BCW24 Aroldis Chapman