Everybody DOES NOT Have A Record: Mark Ellis Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.**

I'm not sure if all card bloggers do this but, generally, the cards I highlight are new cards to me that I am bringing into my collection. Sometimes these cards inspire posts right away just based on their shear brilliance. Other cards that I know will come in handy at a later point [e.g. new Packer cards for example] I'll bank as a draft post until the time is right or I've got nothing better to write about.

Well, I banked this Mark Ellis card quite a while ago and I had my post all ready. It was going to be another installment of my "Everybody's Got A Record" series and I was pretty proud of myself finding a not too obvious player with a record + a nice relic card. I was finally going to release this post onto the world and let everyone know that Mark Ellis' 85 home runs were a record for anyone born in South Dakota. As I re-read the post last night 82 homers seemed low for that record and so I wanted to see who was hot on Ellis' heals to maybe steal the record from him. After a few clicks on the mouse, I found that it had already happened. The Twins' Jason Kubel passed Ellis last season when Kubel smacked 21 homers and Ellis missed most of the season due to injury. Kubel [of Belle Fourche, SD] now has 92 home runs to Mark's [of Rapid City, South Dakota] 85 home runs.

2005 Donruss Champions #218 Mark Ellis Jersey Relic


Johngy said…
Reminds me of when I was going to meet Pete Incaviglia. I was all set to ask him about being the all-time HR leader for the I's. Then I realized Raul Ibanez had just passed him! Dang!
Great catch on this one though!
madding said…
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