Common Genius: 1993 Pinnacle Tribute #3 George Brett Pine Tar Bat

**In this series we try to show the brilliance of the cards of common players that often get overlooked.**

[sigh] man, I miss that that moment of silence is over here is a card honoring The Pine Tar Incident.

1993 Pinnacle Tribute #3 George Brett Pine Tar Bat
Here are a few thing that you may not know about the Pine Tar Incident:

1. When George was called out he was the 3rd out in the 9th inning and so the Yankees were declared the winner.

2. The Royals protested the umpires decision to declare George out and Lee MacPhail, the American League President, agreed and ordered that the game be replayed from the point of George's at bat but Brett would be ejected from the game because of reaction to being called out.

3. The rule about limiting the amount of pine tar on the bat doesn't really have to do with getting an advantage in the game but so that the pine tar doesn't get on the baseball which would mean that the ball would have to be replaced.

4. When the game was replayed the Yankees they positioned Ron Guidry as the center fielder and Don Mattingly at 2nd base. That made Don one of the few left handed players to play 2nd base in major league history.


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Fleer did a card like this in 1984. Featured here: