COMC Black Friday Deals

[Editor's Note: Up next in my scanned card folder clearance, we have a whole bunch of Diamond Kings that I purchased on Black Friday weekend from I had originally wanted to go through each DK and try to find why they were selected for the highest honor Donruss could bestow to a civilian. So I only ended up writing about one of the cards, the first 1st Diamond King ever. And so here is how the original post was going to go and then just sit back and enjoy a whole bunch of some Dick Perez goodness.] had a great Thanksgiving weekend sale [10¢ shipping costs for each card, minimum of 20 cards ordered] and I ended up putting in two orders...I'll highlight the first one here which took a big chunk out of my remaining Diamond King needs list.

I've wanted this DK for a long time because it is the Andy Pafko of Diamond Kings...

1982 Donruss #1 Pete Rose DK

1982 Donruss #16 Tom Seaver DK

1982 Donruss #21 Ozzie Smith DK

1982 Donruss #2 Gary Carter DK

1982 Donruss #18 Dave Winfield DK

1982 Donruss #17 Dave Kingman

1983 Donruss #8 Willie Stargell DK

1983 Donruss #26 Terry Kennedy DK

1983 Donruss #16 Steve Carlton DK

1983 Donruss #3 Reggie Jackson DK

1983 Donruss #7 Jim Sundberg DK

1983 Donruss #25 Carl Yastrzemski DK

1984 Donruss #4 John Castino DK

1984 Donruss #20 Bill Madlock DK

1985 Donruss #25 Tony Gwynn DK

1985 Donruss #1 Ryne Sandberg DK

1985 Donruss #16 Don Sutton

1985 Donruss #7 Don Mattingly DK

1986 Donruss #15 Tony Perez DK


Fuji said…
I'm a huge fan of DK's... thanks for showing these off... now I need to go grab the Ozzie Smith for the Padres PC & a Gary Carter for the Expos PC.
Greetings from a fellow Packer fan!

I recently came across your blog and am now a follower. I actually have the complete 1984 Duke Snider DK puzzle set you are looking for (I also have the Clemente and Musial puzzle sets, but it looks like you just took those off your list), so if you're interested in setting up a trade just shoot me an e-mail!