The Bloggers of the 1950's

There were a bunch of wasted opportunities in the Cards Your Mother Threw Out [and by the way, have any fathers ever thrown away any cards ever?] but this card wasn't one of them. I had never heard the story about this "error" card and so it gets major brownie points for educating me.

2010 Topps Card Your Mom Threw Out #CMT124 Lou Burdette 1959 Topps

Also, I love how Topps gives a shout out to the bloggers of the 1950's by including "hundreds of alert kids wrote in to report the error." If only the internet exsisted then those kids could have rushed off a three hundred word notice about the problems in Topps' quality control department.

I like this card so much I had to pick up an original copy:

1959 Topps #440 Lou Burdette


My father-in-law schooled me on that error a while back. Weird story.