January 14, 2011

Andy Pafko Athletic Park

These are photos of Boyceville, WI and as you can tell them, this isn't Boyceville in the winter. This was Boyceville back in September 2010 when I was back home and took a little side trip to visit Andy Pafko's home town.

Boyceville is a typical Wisconsin small town...about 1100 people, a main drag where small shops can still exist, and where high school basketball rules. The good people of Boyceville have honored their favorite son with a baseball diamond named in his honor.

The highlight of the field is the giant metal sign showing Andy swinging. Andy is shown as a Cub on the sign which is a little surprising since he spent just as much time as a Milwaukee Brave. Andy was most famously memorialized on the #1 card of the 1952 Topps set as a Brooklyn Dodger but I don't think that would fly in Boyceville.

The sign from another perspective:

I've also added a couple of cards to my Pafko collection...a 1956 that has seen better days. I'm pretty sure it looks like Pafko is out at home on that smaller image.

1956 Topps #312 Andy Pafko

I also picked up a cheap re-print which I wouldn't be surprised to see down at my local antique shop listed as "Andy Pafko '54 Topps -- MINT CONDITION!!!!!! $45"

1994 Topps Archives #79 Andy Pafko 1954 Reprint

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