The 2011 Hall Of Fame Class

Congrats to Bert and Roberto...The Fates have aligned and given us two Berts in one year!

Bert received 79.7% of the vote...

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while Robert received 90%...which is a higher percentage than Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, or Sandy Koufax.

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To stay on the Hall of Fame ballot players must receive 5% of the votes...meaning players like Harold Baines, John Franco, and John Olerud have fallen off the eligible list for next year. Somewhat shockingly, Rafael Palmeiro received only 11% of the vote this year and could possibly fall of the list next season.

I'm holding out hope that next year's ballot will be Jack Morris' year. Jack had 53.5% of the vote and next year the only major star being added to the list is Bernie I hope Jack strikes gold on his 13th ballot.