Team Set Tuesday: 1989 Pro Set Green Bay Packers

The 1988 season saw the beginning of the all too brief era of Don Majkowski as the Packers savior. Don started nine games during the season but the team only finished 4-12. The next season the Packers would choose Tony Mandarich before Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas, Deion Sanders.

#128 John Anderson

#129 Brent Fullwood

#130 Mark Cannon

#131 Tim Harris [Thanks to Waxaholic for sending me this one to complete the set.]

#132 Mark Lee

#133 Don Majkowski

#134 Mark Murphy

#135 Brian Noble

#136 Ken Ruettgers

#137 Johnny Holland

#138 Randy Wright

#139 Lindy Infante

#522 Erik Affholter

#523 Anthony Dilweg

#550 Sterling Sharpe [Rookie Card]

Super Bowl I

Super Bowl II


Todd Uncommon said…
I do have to give it to Pro Set for doing one thing in particular. It finally gave linemen, punters, and kickers a chance to get cards made of them again.

When Topps went down from 528 cards to 396 in a set in 1983, it did make sets easier to put together, but it also made the sets focus largely on glamor positions.

Pro Set made a card of pretty much everybody they could find, and set the tone for larger sets that lasted quite a while.

It makes me miss Topps Total. I mean, where else are you going to get a Jerry Rice as a Bronco?