Somebody Is Going On Santa's Naughty List

A pack searcher ruining Christmas for the good boys and girls in Lake Elmo, MN.

Usually when I come upon a pack searcher I'll go over and stand by them and usually that stops them. This guy wouldn't quit but in the end he didn't find anything as the packs had probably already been searched.


dayf said…
Now that the cards themselves suck, don't deny the guy the thrill of the hunt!

wv: nonsin
that word works on many levels...
Spankee said…
I'm just hoping you get a, "Hey, that's me you #&!@!" comment on here.
The Big Kahuna said…
well let's see if he meets the packsearcher guidelines:

1. Jacket with fashionable patches.....check

2. Baggy pants......check

3. Unfazed by the guy taking the picture.....check

4. Thinking, "where's my MOJO"....check

5. Making 2.00 off of a jersey card when the pack cost 2.99.....check!

Yep....he's a pack searcher
Dawgbones said…
Looks like somebody's gettin COAL for Christmas!!