Some 2010 Twins Rookies

Here are three of the Twins rookies that are in the new Topps Update set...if you weren't paying attention to the '10 Twins season you might very well have missed these three as they all were called up during the season...

Trevor is supposed to be the Twins' shortstop of the future and was able to get a hit on his first at bat.

2010 Topps #US-87 Trevor Plouffe

Luke Hughes played two games in 2010 but he made quite a splash by hitting a home run in his first at bat. He became the fifth Twin to do that...the most famous being Gary Gaetti.

2010 Topps #US-109 Luke Hughes

No offense to Mr. Slama but he looks frighteningly like Brad Childress with a baseball cap...and if you look at his wikipedia page you almost can't believe the photo Topps used is the same person.

2010 Topps #US-41 Anthony Slama


Anonymous said…
Nice post and all, but what is Danny Valencia, chopped liver?!