Shake On It

The Chiefs play the Broncos on Sunday and the local media is making it into a HUGE deal because of what Todd Haley did after the game was over and that somehow he thinks winning a game by 11 points is running up the score.

So really Sunday's game will be just a three hour waiting game until the two coaches can be forced together again...until then, let's take a look at a few of that players that might actually make the came interesting.

A local radio personality, Nick Wright, has been pushing his #FreeJamaalCharles campaign on Twitter to get him the ball more. I can't find the stat but it's something like if Jamaal gets more than 20 rushes he averages over 140 yards a game.

2010 Topps Peak Performance #PP25 Jamaal Charles

2010 Panini Rookies and Stars #73 Jamaal Charles

2008 Sage #25 Jamaal Charles

But it's hard to give Charles all the hand offs when your other running back, Thomas Jones has over 700 yards rushing himself.

2010 Topps #120 Thomas Jones

It really is funny how the Matt Cassel critics have really vanished in the past few weeks as Matt was named AFC Player of the Month for November.

2010 Topps #292 Matt Cassel Gold Border 1678/2010

2010 Panini Threads Gridiron Kings #39 Jan Stenerud

2009 Topps Unique#183 Tyson Jackson 333/799

2010 Panini Threads Century Legends #3 Len Dawson


Fuji said…
I didn't watch the game... did they shake? I totally agree... they need to let Charles do his thing. I'm a firm believer of going with whoever is hot... and if Charles is able to keep up his ypc #'s... let him run.
Matt Flaten said…
They actually shook hands and hugged. It was actually a little funny.