Plausible, Ridiculous, or WTF?

Welcome to "Plausible, Ridiculous, or WTF!" in which we take a look at some of 2010 Topps Legendary Lineage cards and see if the comparisons between the two players are plausible, ridiculous, or simply WTF?!?

#LL-50 Tris Speaker/Jacoby Ellsbury

Answer: WTF!

With Jacoby's last season performance, this comparison went from Ridiculous to WTF! Now, if the comparison was Vince Coleman/Jacoby Ellsbury that is a Legendary Linage I could call Plausible.

#LL-14 Warren Spahn/Tommy Hanson

Answer: Ridiculous

For this one we are currently on a Ridiculous plateau and possibly beginning a slide toward WTF? Sure Spahn did have some losing seasons but Hanson is going to need to have quite a few 20 wins season before he could really be in the same breath as Warren.

#LL-47 Frank Robinson/Ryan Braun

Answer: Plausible

Frank played 21 seasons and Ryan will be entering his fifth in 2011 but over the 162 game stats average the two are very similar:

Frank: .294 BA 170 hits 35 HR 105 RBI .389 OBA
Ryan: .307 BA 199 hits 36 HR 118 RBI .364 OBA

#LL-56 Brooks Robinson/Ryan Zimmerman

Answer: Plausible

Ryan has Brooks beat with the offensive numbers but Ryan has a long, long, long way to go to reach Brooks' 16 Gold Gloves [that's 16 IN A ROW, btw]. Ryan won the Gold Glove in 2009 but lost it to Scott Rolen this season.

#LL-5 Ty Cobb/Curtis Granderson

Answer: WTF!

You know, some of these things are just plain crazy. A Ty Cobb/Ichiro card gets a strong "Plausible." Adding up Ichiro's Japanese and American hits he's almost at Cobb's mark. But Curtis Granderson? Child, please!

#LL-37 Jackie Robinson/Ichiro

Answer: Plausible

If anything, this is the one comparison where the pictures might be reversed.

#LL-41 Jimmie Foxx/Prince Fielder

Answer: On nicknames alone, this would be a WTF! "Double X" versus "The Fattest Vegetarian Ever"...there isn't even a debate there. But on offensive numbers alone things get a lot closer to Plausible.

Jimmie: .325 BA 185 hits 37 HR 134 RBIs .609 Slugging
Prince: .279 BA 164 hits 37 HR 104 RBIs .535 Slugging

#LL-61 Dave Winfield/Jason Heyward

Answer: Ridiculous

One season is not enough time and however great Jason Heyward is as an athlete he's no Dave Winfield who was drafted by the Padres, Vikings, and Atlanta Hawks.


cynicalbuddha said…
I always wondered how vegitarians could be so fat, answer cake has no meat!!!
dayf said…

Besides, Winfield is no Heyward. J-Hey had 15 more homers than Dave in his rookie season while being a year younger. 131 OPS+ at age 20? That's my J-Hey!
Fuji said…
This post was awesome... thanks for entertaining me the last 5 minutes... you should definitely post more of these.
Great post idea.

P.S. Spahn was the man. There aren't too many that compare.
TheRealDFG said…
I was going to say you forgot about the Pirates one that features Honus Wagner and Andrew McCuthen. But you picked it up in a later post. Good job.