December 15, 2010

My Best Of 2010: Favorite Historical Card

And so with this we begin My Best of 2010...a series of posts on a wide range of topics [card of the year, sandwich of the year, favorite common, etc...] of the things that were the best about 2010.

Our first category is: Favorite Historical Card

2009 A Piece Of History #167 Boy Scouts Of America Begins

This card is not technically from 2010, but I first pulled it in 2010 and really only found out about it when I ripped it out of a pack. I am an Eagle Scout [I know, I know, please keep your applause to a minimum] and, although because of my radically left political stances I find myself at odds with some of the core principles that the Boy Scouts hold, I had the most fun as a kid on Boy Scout camping trips and earning merit badges. It's also an organization I know I'll return to if I have any boys.
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