December 27, 2010

The Metrodome

I'm in Minnesota for a few days for Christmas and had to swing by the Metrodome to see what it looks like without a roof. Here's a little video:

My camera was recording the video in the .mov format and so it was giving me problems in Windows Movie Maker which I normally use for my videos. When I converted it, it came out looking like this:


Anonymous said...

My vote is on the second video. Now wait, how much of that medication was I supposed to take before bedtime...?

Thorzul said...

I see only one solution to the Metrodome problem: Burn down what's left, then move the franchise to L.A.

Repeat with Target Field.

Anonymous said...

Holy buckets, that's some pent up frustration there, Thorz. Might want to try backing a winning team or something instead ;-)