Jesus McFarlane, Record Holder?

As I bravely continue my never ending quest in my "Everybody's Got A Record" series I've really just been picking the low hanging fruit. If I really believe this everybody's got a record stuff I really need to find the players that prove the theory. Which brings me to Jesus McFarlane.

1962 Topps #229 Jesus McFarlane

I use Wikipedia a lot to find my records and generally I try to double check the record somewhere else as well. Mr. McFarlane's brief page claims that he was the first person to get married on a baseball field. What? How can I possible verify that? Maybe the first person to get married at major league ballpark? But how would you ever know? If there were ceremonies at home plate it would probably be a private sort of thing and unless you were there or knew someone who was you would never know. Plus, when the Wikipedia article you are possibly citing in your blog post has sentences that don't end with a punctuation mark, you might want to be a little suspicious of the source.

All that being said...I'm going to add Jesus onto my Everybody Has A Record series and give him the old Roger Maris treatment and add an *.


I like the appearance of that card in Boyd & Harris's The great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubblegum Book.

After showing off a couple of cards with memorable names, it mentions how naming your child after "a celebrity" didn't necessarily mean he was going to rise to higher levels simply because of that.
Anonymous said…
He has a few more Topps cards, but as ORLANDO McFarlane.
dayf said…

quit ruining his record