Genius Covers: Fantastic Four Unplugged #1

I've been on a bit of a Fantastic Four binge lately as their first movie was on last Sunday afternoon and so I watched most of it while flipping back and forth to the Chiefs/Seahawks game. I rented Part 2 [The Rise of the Silver Surfer] from Netflix this week which reminded me of my blinding rage about how that movie portrays one of the greatest Marvel villains, Galactus. But before my blood pressure gets any higher let's get to today's cover of choice:

Fantastic Four Unplugged #1 September 1995

This was the first issue of a four-issue mini series in which each member of the 4 gets their own solo issue. All for 99 cents! This issue is obviously The Thing's issue and he ends up doing battle with a Super-Adaptoid which you might be too familiar with but is one of Marvel's earliest villains.