Common Genius: 2004 Topps #199 Brandon Inge

**In this series we try to show the brilliance of the cards of common players that often get overlooked.**

There are so many great things about this card.

2004 Topps #199 Brandon Inge

1. It's non traditional, horizontal alignment.

2. It's unclear if #10 is safe or out.

3. There aren't too many plays at the plate in which the runner seems to be trying to jump sideways.

4. Brandon isn't even looking at the play.

5. Let me repeat. Brandon isn't even looking wear he is tagging. He's already getting ready to gone the ball to 2nd or 3rd base to get the runner that's advancing from the play at the plate.


Anonymous said…
I think I found the play!

May 3, 2003. Devil Rays at Tigers. Tampa Bay wins 8-6, sending Detroit to a 3-25 record.

Detroit leads 1-0 in the top of the third. Rey Ordonez singles off of Adam Bernero. Carl Crawford singles Ordonez to third.

With Marlon Anderson up, Crawford breaks for second. Bernero wheels around and fires to shortstop Omar Infante, who gets Crawford in a rundown. Second baseman Ramon Santiago, seeing Ordonez off the bag, throws the ball to third baseman Eric Munson.

Munson throws the ball to Inge at the plate, nailing Ordonez on a CS 1-6-4-5-2. Crawford goes to third, though and scores on a sac fly by Anderson.

It's here:
Scott Crawford said…
You are the friggin' master of finding plays, Smed!
Scott Crawford said…
Also: of course he's out, it's Rey Ordonez! Heck of a fielder when he came up, though. Human highlight reel.
Matt Flaten said…
Wow, that's great Smed! I had a feeling he was out.