Team Set Tuesday: Reggie Jackson Baseball Heroes Insert Set

Today we're expanding the definition of "team set" to include insert sets as well...and today we'll start with one of the more groundbreaking inserts sets of the fairly recent past. The 1990 Upper Deck Reggie Jackson Baseball Heroes inserts would inspire several additional Baseball Heroes insert sets in future Upper Deck sets and it would eventually spawn its own set for baseball and football. The Reggie autographed versions were one of the first to be randomly inserted into packs.

The set has nine cards in it with an unnumbered header card.

Reggie Jackson Baseball Heroes Header Card

1 of 9: Emerging Superstar [1969]

2 of 9: An MVP Year [1973]

3 of 9: Mr. October [1977]

4 of 9: Jackson vs. Welch [1978]

5 of 9: Under the Halo [1982]

6 of 9: 500! [1984]

7 of 9: Moving Up The List [1986]

8 of 9: A Great Career Ends [1987]

9 of 9: Baseball Heroes Checklist