Seen At An Antique Store

Robby Thompson rookie for $6.00. It's up there with those horribly bad craiglist offers.


Ha! Thats awesome. It will probably sell, because he hit that shot heard round the world, didn't he?
Fuji said…
Sweet... that's what they're going for now? I'll sell you mine for $4 each... or 2 for $6.

You'd think that an antique store would at least use some type of price guide. Or maybe the owner is related to Don West.
mike said…
Ha! Don West! I was at an antique store last summer and saw a display of cards among the sports stuff and the prices were all still hooked to 1993 - Jordan Upper Deck cards for $5, Alonzo Mourning rookies for $8, mix and match commons box 5 for a buck, mostly 89-92 Topps and Donruss. They did have an Oscar Robertson rookie card in decent shape for $450, just didn't have enough money in my pocket for it! I wondered how the Robertson got in there?
Four bucks, or two for six? I'll sell you mine for three!
cynicalbuddha said…
Ha that's not even his rookie card!!
Fuji said…
cynicalbuddha... oh, if you're looking for xrc's... i have those too.

which one would you want?

86 Donruss Rookies $100 obo
86 Fleer Update $100 obo
86 Topps Traded $75 obo or 2 for $100

Thompson is a SF Giants legend... grab them while you can!