The Ron Washington Appreciation Society

As we enter the season of thinking of things we are thankful for, I'm sure there are few people who should feel more thankful than Rangers Manager Ron Washington. The Rangers could have dumped him when he told them of his drug use or when it went public but they didn't. He remained their coach and was able to lead the Rangers to their first World Series.

As I dug through my commons trying to finding players of the World Series, I realized that I might qualify as a Ron Washington super collector. His cards were turning up all over the place and so I've decided to share my collection with you all today. Let me present the Ron Washington Appreciation Society.

Company: Topps
Year: 2009
Card Number: 584

This card is from Series 2 of the 2009 set and like all cards from this set they have some interesting statistical info in the arc at the top of the back of the card. On Ron's card is lists his career batting averages for the five teams he played for:

Dodgers: .368
Twins: .265
Indians: .256
Orioles: .203
Astros: .143

Career: .261