MLB Award Schedule

For you convenience, here is the schedule for the upcoming MLB awards with the Rookie of the Year awards for both leagues being announced on Monday.

Monday, 11/15 AL Rookie of the Year, NL Rookie of the Year
Tuesday, 11/16 NL Cy Young Award
Wednesday, 11/17 AL Manager of the Year, NL Manager of the Year
Thursday, 11/18 AL Cy Young Award
Monday, 11/22 NL MVP
Tuesday, 11/23 AL MVP

I'm eagerly awaiting the announcement of the American League Cy Young Award to see where Felix Hernandez end up in the voting. Although he finished 13-12, he led the league in ERA, innings pitched, and was second in strike outs by one K. He was essentially the San Diego Chargers of pitching this year...great stats but no victories.

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