Heartbreaking Damage #8: Roberto The Set Builder

There are a lot of great things that I like about this card. I enjoy how the word checklist is "CHECK LIST" on this card rather than the single combined word. This is also technically my first Roberto Clemente card from when he was a player.

1967 Topps #361 5th Series Check List [Roberto Clemente's Floating Head]

Furthermore, the previous owner of this card was clearly a set builder and building sets in the 60's was certainly a lot harder than it is today with eBay and sites like CheckOutMyCards. In total, they were just missing four cards from #371-#457...they are

#372 Mike de la Hoz
#374 Mel Queen
#379 Jerry May
#445 Don Sutton


mike said…
I was just thinking about a topic directly related to your post about old checklists. Even though the card might be "worthless" since its been written on, there is probably a neat little story attached to it from whomever owned that card. Maybe impossible, but that would be something to track down the person who originally owned that card. Even to see if he ever finished the set! While it's great and all to have mint vintage, cards like my Walter Payton rookie and 59 Topps Ernie Banks that are a little rounded seem to have more a real feel to them. And I like that!