Heartbreaking Damage: 1951 Bowman #149 Emory "Bubba" Church

**In this series we highlight the heartbreaking damage that some cards go through in their existence. This could be caused bicycle spokes, ball point pens, or jelly-stained fingers.**

Bubba was a member of the Phillies Whiz Kids team of 1950 which has to be one of the most referenced teams that never actually won the World Series. Tim McCarver searches out a reason to reference them every World Series he comments on.

I guess "the Black Sox" team from 1919 would be a better example but the fact that they lost the World Series is the reason they are mentioned so often. The Whiz Kids get mentioned, I think, mainly because it was a surprise they contended for the title at all and that's great and everything but how much different are they from the 2008 Tampa Rays or 1991 Braves?

1951 Bowman #149 Emory "Bubba" Church