Another Artifacts Blaster

Another discount box of Artifacts...let's see what's inside:

If there is one area of collecting that 2010 collecting season has changed for me it is the rookie card. I have never been a prospector and never really made a point of collecting rookie cards outside of the key players that I'm interested in. But the whole Strasburg rookie card explosion had me re-think my priorities a little bit. Granted, this Pieces of History rookie for David Price isn't going to set eBay on fire but it's a nice one to have.

#101 David Price [Rookie Card]

Here are a random sampling of base cards including a rare sighting of a Sabathia as a Brewer card.

#51 CC Sabathia, #67 Mariano Rivera, #62 Alex Rodriguez, #83 Ichiro

This blaster also had a nice variety of numbered variations and inserts:

#BSM-CF Chone Figgins Box Score Memories 04/99
#FM-GTDQ Franchise Members 4 Chicago White Sox 820/999
#163 Earth Day Pink Version
UD 20th Anniversary Retrospective #870 WTO Established

My guaranteed jersey card was of Mark Buehrle which I think is sort of nice. I unofficially collect pitchers who have a perfect game under their belt and I am probably also the only collector that enjoys getting jersey cards for players that aren't on the top tier and are maybe a little more rare.

Timeless Moments #TM-MB Mark Buehrle Jersey Relic