True Grit Remake? True Grit Remake!

I really have no explanation how I missed the fact that one of my favorite director duos was remaking one of my favorite all-time movies but such is the case with the Coen Brothers re-make of True Grit.

Remaking a John Wayne movie seems like a mind blowing sort of idea that would be destined for failure. Plus, when you tell me that Rooster Cogburn is going to be played by The Dude it gets worse. And then you remind me that the Coen Brothers did the Ladykillers remake and I'm shaking in my boots. But the trailer does look very good as if the movie has gone through the "No Country For Old Man" machine.

Here's the teaser trailer:

Please compare that trailer with the trailer for the original. And to me it looks like nearly two different movie with all the humor gone from the remake. Sure this is a revenge tale...but it's a revenge tale with John Wayne taking a header off a horse.

My sister is a huge John Wayne fan and is the reason I like this movie so much. As a kid, on one of our family vacations we visited John Wayne's birthplace in Iowa. My only explanation that I haven't had my inbox filled with multiple page single spaced essays as to why this remake is a tragedy of an epic scale is that she hasn't heard about it yet either.

In the end this movie will be a success for me as long they keep in one of the best movie lines ever, "I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man."


dayf said…
I had the same reaction you did when I heard about this. "True Grit? Coen Brothers? JEFF BRIDGES?!?!?"

Bricks were shat.