The Trouble With Trammel

In my Donruss Diamond King quest [see the "Players I Collect" section on the right side of the blog for my progress] there are a few notable error variations to track down, such as the 1982 spelling error of Alan Trammell's last name. If I have the story correct, the cards with the error with Alan's last name spelled "Trammel" [without the 2nd 'L"] were in wax packs and the cards with the corrected spelling "Trammell" were only found in factory sets.

1982 Donruss #5 Alan Trammell Diamond Kings [Correct Spelling]

1982 Donruss #5 Alan Trammel Diamond Kings [Incorrect Spelling]


Tram posts are great. One of the most under-rated players of his time. So what if Ripken played all the time, or Ozzie did a dumb cartwheel.