Team Set Tuesday: Green Bay Packers 1981 Topps Team Set

I've started collecting team sets whenever I see them and so we'll try a new series today entitled Team Set Tuesdays. Today's team set is of the Green Bay Packers from the 1981 Topps Football set.

The '81 set immortalizes the Packers forgettable 1980 season were they went 5-10-1, tying the Buccaneers back when they were a part of the "Central" division. Good old Bart Starr was still coach this season for a team that had the worst offense in the league by scoring only 231 points over 16 games.

#151 Packers Checklist

#465 Johnnie Gray

#353 Paul Coffman

#228 George Cumby

#41 Lynn Dickey

#291 Gerry Ellis

#189 David Whitehurst

#83 Mike Butler

#361 James Lofton Super Action

#117 Eddie Lee Ivery

#314 Aundra Thompson

#168 Ezra Johnson

#430 James Lofton

#387 Jan Stenerud


madding said…
What a bunch of morose looking football players. At least Lofton has his youthful enthusiasm.