It's been a pretty entertaining Packers/Vikings game tonight and so what better time to drag out some of my latest Packer acquisitions...

These first two are from a surprise trade package from Cards on Cards from a few weeks ago.

Some more great photography used in the Pro Set series.

1992 Pro Set #365 Green Bay Packers Spirit of The Game

It was mentioned during the commentary tonight that Lombardi left the Packers and eventually coached with the Redskins briefly and was still loved by the fans. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth tried to draw a comparison to how fans feel about Favre and I don't buy it. Plus, Lombardi would only send drawings of his privates to ladies.

1990 Score #603 Vince Lombardi The Legend

AJ had an interception off Brett tonight and I've recently been picking up his relics as Clay Matthew's prices are sky high so far this season.

2008 SPX Football Winning Materials #WM-AH AJ Hawk Relic

2009 Upper Deck Football Heroes #48 AJ Hawk Jersy Relic

When I was back home a few weeks I bought another one of the $10 Packers Memorabilia Card packages and instead of a relic card I pulled an autograph...and non other than the Packers starting running back Brandon Jackson.

2007 Upper Deck Football Signature Sensations #SS-BJ Brandon Jackson Autograph

At the time he retired, Billy Howton was the all-time leader in receptions and yardage.

2010 Panini Threads Gridiron Kings Billy Howton 12/50

Donald didn't have a catch tonight and he is sitting 299 yards short of being the Packers leading receiver.

2010 Prestige Prestigious Pros #16 Donald Driver Jersey Relic 060/100


Fuji said…
Sweet cards... especially the two Pro Set cards.

That was a great game... about as exciting/stressful as it can get... Go Pack Go!
Fuji said…
Oops... just realized the Lombardi card is from Score... still it's a sweet card.
Jeremy said…
I have that pro set card too! It's pretty cool. The gridiron kings card is really interesting.