More Matchups

I'm five steps closer to wrapping up my Presidential Matchups insert set from the 2008 Topps Series 2. I love the cards and it lets me show off my mad poli sci skills.

DeWitt Clinton was the driving force behind the construction of the Erie Canal. He is also the only person to have two counties named after them in the same state as Illinois has both a DeWitt and Clinton counties.

2008 Topps Presidential Matchups 1812 -- James Madison/DeWitt Clinton

I was in Kansas City the other weekend and snapped a photo of the statue of Old Hickory riding a horse that is in the downtown.

2008 Topps Presidential Matchups 1824 -- John Quincy Adams/Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson's personality was such that his political opponents would call him "a jackass" playing off his last name. Jackson used the term as a point of pride and used the mule as his political mascot which would eventually become the symbol of the Democratic party.

Topps 2008 Presidential Matchups 1832 -- Andrew Jackson/Henry Clay

There are a few points in time when the United States, in its infancy, could have easily fallen into chaos. The first of these would have been the transition of power when John Adams lost the election to Thomas Jefferson and one party had to hand over power to another. That had rarely ever happened peaceably in the history of the world at that point. Another such example was when William Henry Harrison died after being in office for only a month. There was much debate as to whether the Vice President, John Tyler, would get to become President in the advent of the President's death. This wasn't specifically spelled out in the Constitution until the 25th Amendment was added.

2008 Topps Presidential Matchups 1840 -- William Henry Harrison/Martin Van Burn

John Fremont was the first Republican candidate for president and also the first major candidate to run on a platform against slavery. On an interesting sports note, each year the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and the University of Nevada-Reno play each other for the possession of Fremont's Cannon which honors Fremont's explorations of Orgeon, California, and Nevada.

2008 Topps Presidential Matchups 1856 -- James Buchanan/John C. Fremont