Genius Covers: Alf #1

I have come to my love of Alf [which I guess should technically be written ALF] through my friend Craig from my undergrad college days. He would often say how much he enjoyed the series and so after years of threatening it I've finally started watching the episodes. It's not The Wire to be sure, it's not even Family Matters [which is finally on DVD after all these years], but it's a pleasant way to spend 23 minutes of your day.

I can't remember where I picked up this issue probably a junk shop somewhere. I tend to buy #1 issues of just about any series even if they will have no marketable value for the foreseeable future.

Alf #1 May 1988

As far as great old ads go, what's better than Pele and Tang together at last? American soccer and a gross powder drink...a match made in heaven.

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Steve Gierman said…
I just gave this ALF issue and many others to my fiancee's niece and nephew last year. They really enjoyed them.

1988? Has it really been over twenty years since ALF?
Unknown said…
If ALF had ever guest-starred on the A-Team, my head would have exploded in joy.