2010 Topps Chrome Highlights

I've been buying these pretty steadily over the past two weeks and I though I'd share some of the highlights. Before that though, I just wanted to make a comment on the quality of this year's Chrome compared with the past few years. As you can see from the picture below nearly all the cards are severely bend and without a top loader they seem to be getting worse everyday.

When I was doing a live pack rip on Twitter a few days ago, I commented on the bending problem the cards seem to have and Chris Olds of The Beckett Blog and offered a possible cause. He tweeted, "I believe that bad chrome warp-age is caused by adhesive layer between cardboard & plastic not being allowed to dry fully before cutting. Or, the cardboard stock is just not as sturdy as in past.” I’ll defer to Chris on this one as it seems like either explanation could work.

That being said I've got a lot of these cards in top loaders which isn't my preferred way to store them but what else can you do except get a couple of dictionaries and see if that helps things.

I love the Orange Refractors for no other reason than it feels like I am getting good value for my money even if they really aren't that rare.

2010 Topps Chrome #32 Albert Pujols Orange Refractor

2010 Topps Chrome #85 Kevin Youkilis Orange Refractor

2010 Topps Chrome #72 David Price Orange Refractor

In one of the four retail value packs I opened I was pleasantly surprised to pull an autograph. EBAY 1/1!!!!!!!

2010 Topps Chrome #204 Tyson Ross Rookie Autograph #001/499

My only rookie of note so far that I've found is this Heyward. Still waiting to pull my first Strasburg from a pack.

2010 Topps Chrome #174 Jason Heyward

The X-Fractor is possibly my favorite type of variation and I've pulled three so far:

2010 Topps Chrome #39 Vladimir Guerrero X-Fractor

2010 Topps Chrome #115 Torii Hunter X-Fractor

2010 Topps Chrome #9 Shane Victorino X-Fractor


Anonymous said…
The X-Fractors do look really nice this year. They are really bright, but just look better than brighter years from the past. They almost have a vague... Atomicness to them.