UPDATE: Ichiro's 200/100 Record -- Half Way Home

For a little background on this go here.

2010 Bowman #BT79 Ichiro Bowman Throwback Design

Thursday night's game gave the Mariners a tough 1-0 loss "improving" their record to 58-94. Only 6 more losses are needed to get them to 100 losses. On the other hand, Ichiro has completed his half of the record by getting two hits in the game to give him an even 200 hits for the year.

Tonight the Mariners will be in Florida playing the Rays.

The Mariner's upcoming schedule:

153. Friday 9/24 vs. Rays (10 games left)
154. Saturday 9/25 vs. Rays (9 games left)
155. Sunday 9/26 vs. Rays (8 games left)
156. Monday 9/27 vs. Rangers (7 games left)
157. Tuesday 9/28 vs. Rangers (6 games left)
158. Wednesday 9/29 vs. Rangers (5 games left)
159. Thursday 9/30 vs. A's (4 games left)
160. Friday 10/1 vs. A's (3 games left)
161. Saturday 10/2 vs. A's (2 games left)
162. Sunday 10/3 vs. A's (last game)


Mariner1 said…
The thing that hurts the most about that game was the luck Felix has had this year. 12 losses and the M's have scored a total of 14 runs in those losses. Don't be surprised if they achieve the other half before they get home.