Royals vs. Twins 9-27-10

Last night I went to my first Royals game of the season and being that there are only six games left it will probably be my last. The Twins were in town but unfortunately with injuries there was no Mauer, Thome, or Morneau in the line up.

I was in the best seats I've ever had for a baseball game. I was in the second row up along 1st base line and so I've never had to deal with these signs before:

Kauffman Stadium is beautiful and really easy to navigate. Safeco Stadium in Seattle is my favorite ball park that I've been to so far with the old County Stadium in Milwaukee as my least favorite. County had these really annoying metal beams holding up the roof that caused many of the seats to have an obstructed view. I guess I had my own little obstructed view from my seats last night with the security guard or 1st base coach always getting in the way of my photos.

The game was probably the most fun I've had at a ball game. The Royals won a shootout 10-8 after falling behind 0-3 in the first inning. There were a bunch of homers, plays at the plate, and close calls on stolen bases.

Here are some action shots:

Denard Span is about to steal 2nd.

Billy Butler taking a swing:

Alex Gordon takes a swing:

And beats the throw into 2nd base:

Mike Aviles steals 2nd:

I think that is Mike Aviles beating the throw at home:

Two of my favorite players, Michael Cuddyer and Billy Butler, chatting it up during a pitching change. Billy went 2 for 4 in the game boosting his average to .321 which is fourth best in the American League.

I haven't seen too many Twins games this season so I'm not sure if this is normal but every time there was a conference on the mound every Twin went in for it.

Kauffman stadium gets an A+ for thier baseball card selection and display. They had two big displays of them with all the Topps low and mid-range prodcuts as well as teams sets from just about every team in the league.

A final shot of Kauffman stadium on the way out.

And remember kids, don't ever go to a baseball games without a Sharpie!