A Pirate Duo

This first card is from an auction Thorzul had a while ago...I had been collecting Rinku and Dinesh ever since they became the first Indian-born players to sign with a major league team. Unfortunately, that team was Pirates and so who knows if they will get a proper chance to pitch in the majors or just be a footnote in baseball history.

And keep you eye out for a Rinku/Dinesh movie as Sony Pictures bought the rights to their story last year.

If you have any Rinku or Dinesh autos laying around in your "junk" pile, shoot me an e-mail and we can work out a deal.

2009 Tristar Obak #63 Dinesh Kumar Patel & Rinku Singh Mini #21/50

2009 Bowman #BCP91 Rinku Singh Refractor Auto 054/500

2009 Bowman Sterling #BSP-RS Rinku Singh Autograph

2009 Bowman Sterling #BSP-DP Dinesh Patel Refractor Auto 073/199


Dennis said…
Them's some legible signatures!